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that chicken makes up for the trip to the gym


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i just want to cry. my entry was all done, and the fuckwit editor ate it. no apologies. yumyumyum. all gone.

::sigh:: well, as best as i can reconstruct it (but 10% less funny, altho you can't check):

as if i wasn't already cranky enough because i'm trying to quit smoking, i dragged my ass to the gym this morning and lumped around while trying to ignore the fact that every morsel of food i've eaten in the last six months has deposited itself in little braille-like pebbles up and down my thighs. more accurately, ChicaBeanie dragged my ass to the gym. this is how long it's been since i've been to the gym: they replaced all the weight machines. the new ones look pretty nice - soft pistachio green cushions, more like bicycle seats than planks, and glittery brushed chrome metal. of course, we looked at them and realized we had not clue one as to how to adjust them to keep from injuring ourselves. so we've signed up for an orientation setting next week. the machines are still pretty new, so everyone is getting the info.

got into work a few minutes late, so i stopped by to let my boss know i was there. he made some snippy remarks about me working out, but i just let it slide. then he got all snarky when he called me at my desk a few times. what i wanted to say was 'what did i do to piss you off for you to be so rude to me?' what i did do was interrupt him and say 'hi, BossMan. how are you? what can i do to help you?' in a polite tone of voice. while the first would have been more satisfying, the second was effective. but i was so all about wanting to just snip right back at him. why do i have to be an adult? (she wailed, stomping her feet and flailing her fists about) don't wanna. ::pout:: ::sigh:: sometimes, there are days when you want nothing more than to throw a full-fledged bitchfest. there are those who say i verge on that every day. these are the people who inspire me to want to open up the floodgates. woe is them... they have never seen me at full force, a fact for which they would be grateful if they knew what was good for them.

so, yeah... on a different note, dad sent along a tasty looking recipe that i might try out tonite. it was odd to get this for a few reasons. first, dad doesn't send all that much email. and his culinary repertoire has consisted of grilled cheese, Welsh rarebit, burgers, and oatmeal for quite some time. but in the last year or so, dad has stepped up to the plate, as it were. it's been partly out of need, and partly (i suspect) because he enjoys the spiffy new kitchen with a convection oven, prep sink, and gas stove. so, here is it:

Chicken with Spinach & Pasta

    Rinse one boneless, skinless chicken breast ( 3/4 to 1 lb) & set aside.
    Slice one medium orange or yellow pepper into strips.
    Slice one medium onion.
    Remove stems from one bag of fresh spinach.
    Boil spinach for about 3 minutes (or until it starts to reduce in volume). Drain and put in bottom of baking pan to form a bed for the chicken.
    Sautee the pepper & onion in olive oil until slightly browned.
    Put two tablespoons of feta cheese or feta cheese spread on the spinach & place chicken on top of cheese.
    Place sautéed pepper & onion around the chicken.
    Brush/spray chicken with olive oil and season with lemon & pepper (Lowry's).
    Bake at 350° for 35 minutes. [note: when i initially posted this, it was 325° - turns out that's for a convention oven.]
    Prepare one box of near East Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil pasta (takes about 15 minutes).
    Serves two hungry people.


i had such the craving for buttered rice last night. i know - how boring is that? but i thought about it all day. ended up making buttered pasta, because i was starving and in a hurry. so maybe i'll substitute a Near East pilaf for the pasta with the tasty chicken.

what i really want is to come home to a repaired tub. the faucets have had loose washers since i moved in, and i've asked a few times to get them repaired, but nothing came of it. no big deal, as it's their water bill. and then i got the gas bill for last month. $165. For. One. Month. that's unbelievable! more than twice the cost for the same number of units this month last year. so now, i'm looking at the constant stream of water in the tub as my money running down the drain. i paged Nelson the other day and explained the situation to him; he sounded surprised, as he did the last three times. eh. he came by last night to see what he'd need for the repairs, and promised to come back today and get the work done. oh, i'd be such a happy camper to get home to a fixed tub faucet. i might even take an oil bath to celebrate. *g* right after that tasty chicken dinner...

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