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and today's corporate euphemism would be?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i've been reorged. gah.

not downsized, or rightsized, or whatever the current cruddy euphemism is for being fired. nope. i've been 'reorganized' in a 'lateral move'.

we've all known that big changes are coming. there have been a lot of changes since we were bought out. and there's a company wide restructuring going on now. so it's not as if i didn't expect something. but not this.

old boss called me into his office, and i was feeling trepidatious about the whole thing. see, what with the depression and all, i'm walking a very fine line here. so i figured i was going to hear bad news. he told me that i was going to move over to another team, and be working with a new manager. except, oh wait, we don't have managers anymore; as part of the restructuring, we have 'team leaders'.

i just sat there staring at him for a while, not blinking. and then i went back to my desk, put on the headphones, and sat there staring at not much of anything, trying not to cry. then new boss comes over to pull me into his office. as soon as i sat down, i knew i was going to lose it. and if there's one thing i won't do, it's let anyone see me cry in the office. i begged off for a few minutes, saying i had to get some caffeine, and sat in the ladies room for a few to pull myself together.

when i got back, caffeine in hand, the first question was 'what size shirt do you wear?' no. just no. there is no way i'm going to pay out of pocket for a team polo shirt. i don't need to dress like a drone to be part of a team. and when is the last time you saw me wearing a polo shirt, anyway? right. i don't. polos and i had our little go round back in the preppy years of high school, and we've peacefully parted ways since then.

i'm still not sure what's going to change or what i'll be doing. i do know i've lost the one part of my job i liked the most, which was the testing. other than that, it's all up in the air. and we won't have a chance to work it out for a week, as he's on vacation. i also didn't let him make the big whoop de doo team announcement, as i felt like i would start bawling if he did.

after all of that, i left early, as i was planning on coming in tomorrow anyway. before i left, i called to move my hair appointment up. hey, a girl has a bad day, a new hairdo is always in order, right? it was at that annoying midpoint you hit when growing out an old haircut, so i was about due anyway. i got all the little ducktail cut off, and ended up with a nice short new do that falls into place nicely with just a little finger combing while drying.

oh. and the guy i'm working for now? is the one i ripped a new one for yesterday. how perfect is that?

after hanging out at home for a while, i decided to treat myself to dinner at Metro. what a great space that is! it used to be Cottonwood, Snakebites, and a real estate office. they've done a fantastic job with it all; nice comfortable space broken up so that you don't feel like you're sitting in a cavern. in a very uncharacteristic move for me, i took out all my frustration and anger from the day on a former friend who tried to chat me up. i just looked her up and down, snapped out a few curt answers, and she went away.

anyway, i got the private tour of the wine room and the kitchen from the GM, whom i'd been promising for ages that i'd be in. and the scallops i had? the cream sauce was so good i mopped it all up with the fresh bread they bake inhouse. the creme brulee, was fantastic, along with a '77 port. dinner made me feel better; good food always does.

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