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::peering around:: hi there. oh, hey... so there is still life out there. it's hard to tell that when you spend your time doped out on cold medicine, trying to recover from the flu.

i wimped out in a big way yesterday, albeit with a little encouragement from my doctor. when i finally got to see her on Monday afternoon, she put the fear of god in me with one simple word: pneumonia. as in, that's where i might end up if i wasn't careful. never had it, and don't intend to start now. so when the forecast for yesterday morning was an ice storm during commute time, i decided to go for the better part of valour and called in sick. i figured that schlepping my way thru ice and sleet and rain, no matter how well bundled up i was, wouldn't help.

now, i know it's been a tough season for the flu, and admittedly i didn't get a flu shot because i'm not in a high risk category. but somehow it pisses me off that i've had the flu twice this winter. c'mon, you up there with the sense of humor - i'm struggling with quitting, i'm going to the gym fairly regularly, my diet has improved to include even more green leafy things - and this is my reward? no fair. ::pout::

my poor doctor. i've been seeing her for about 10 years, and she's great. unfortunately, all the paperwork and crap she has to deal with has gotten immeasureably worse in the last year and a half. her group is somewhat independent, but still wrapped up with an HMO, which is part of the issue. the group has also started taking outside insurance, and it's all new to them. ever time i go in, there's a new protocol, which invariably means more paperwork than the last time. it took an hour to get to the point where i could talk to my doctor face to face. an hour. she was just worn out and apologetic and frustrated. that takes a toll on the care she can offer, and i know she's good. bleah.

oh, and don't even ask about the insurance thing... every time i call, i get a different answer. the last one was okay, and i don't feel like pressing my luck. maybe it was even the right answer.

the wasteland that is daytime TV just boggles the mind. however, my ass was pretty much glued to the couch yesterday, so i suffered thru it. what? turn off the TV and read? or listen to some music? oh, so not an option... neither the body or the brain were willing yesterday. fortunately, it helped spur me in to work today, as i don't think i could take another day of that.

and what a fun day it's been! apparently, while i was out yesterday, the powers that be saw fit to chop months off of our current project schedule. now the final product is due in two and a half weeks. yup. i kid you not. oh, people are in a mighty snit over this one... boy, am i glad i came in today. 8)

however, my meager brainpower is not sufficient for many other things. i had hoped to jump on a few collabs today. nuh uh. that's not gonna happen. maybe tomorrow... (she says, wandering off to monkey with design, which is always a good thing to do when you can't think clearly...)

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