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feeling kinda how a girl feels

well, okay. you're here for a first. i'm connected from home. if you expected more delirium, there really should be. but i've been feeling headache-y all day, so the happiness is a little muted. i got DSL set up Thursday, and did log on for a bit last nite, then today - everything fell over and died.

props to the tech people at Verizon. the woman on Thursday found all the scrimy little tech details that weren't documented anywhere (grumble, grumble) to get me up and running the first time. and the guy today was phenomenonally patient in trying to diagnose why my connection fell over and died even tho i hadn't changed anything. honest! i didn't download or adjust anything! and yet... something had to have changed, because i couldn't connect. he stayed on the phone with me for nearly an *hour* til we got things working again. (note: you can actually throw out your DSR control panel, and the world doesn't end.) i thanked him for his patience when we were done, and i thought he was going to cry. apparently, no one ever thanks him. just remember - a kind word really can make a difference to someone.

i spent most of this afternoon helping my best friend make Zoom Balls. this recipe is absolutely killer. they're chocolate energy treats, with gurana, caffeine and a few other things. man, they are deadly. they're really good for road trips because you get the same buzz as you would from coffee, but you don't need to stop every 20 miles to pee. there were a few, um... accidents with some of them. so they had to be sacrificed. 8) yeah, we ate a bunch of them. and the leftover melted chocolate when we were done dipping them? spooned *up*, baby. it feels so much more decadent to slurp up Ghiradelli chocolate by the spoonful than just nibbling on a chocolate bar.

so now i'm trying to get my act together for tomorrow, heading down to my parents for Easter dinner. i'm nervous about it all, because i worry about my mom. she's still having good days and bad days - fortunately more good than bad, but holiday stress brings out the bad, it seems. and i can see why, sort of. i mean, i can't really know what she's dealing with, but it seems to me that if you're fumbling around with your sense of self that trying to fit into certain roles (mom, wife, host) that you may not be sure you want, a family gathering could be stressful. i'm keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping that tomorrow will be casual and enjoyable for everyone.

i'm also wigging out a bit about all the stuff i want to get done this weekend. chores, mix tape for a friend, and (because i have *copious* amounts of free time) redesigning my page. this last is really frustrating, because i can't for the life of me figure out the damn graphics editor. bleaugh! yerg! wyahhhhh!

and i really want to write about the show last night. heavy metal show at the Orpheum. it was like being the anthropologist dropped in the midst of the Himalayas. fascinating. hopefully, i'll get to that tomorrow.

but for now? off to watch the Iron Chef. hee hee. that show cracks me up. check it out - June 1-3, three new shows, two hour battles each. i am so psyched for that. ::giggle::

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