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despite the best efforts of my neighbors, i did manage to sleep in a bit today.

i had a bad dream about my car. in my dream, i looked out the bedroom window and the back lot was some sort of barren wasteland with amber lights. i walked out there, in my ivory waffle weave bathrobe and socks, and found that my car was scratched up. or at least, that's what it looked like at first. people were wandering around, and the other cars were in odd skewed parking positions. somehow, my car had ended up nosed in by the cement retaining wall.

i couldn't figure out how that had happened. i hadn't parked it there, and nobody else had keys. but there it was. the more i looked at the car, the worse it looked. it dawned on me that my car had been reparked by someone or several someones. and they hadn't done it by shimming the door open and hotwiring it. nope. they just used a few other cars to jockey mine around to its new parking place.

in the process, they had smashed the nose up against the wall, so it was pointing up, making the front of my car into an L. the back was all mashed up. and the roof was squashed in. plus the paint was peeling off it - as if that mattered at that point. and for some reason, russell wandered into my dream, in his button down shirt and tie and horned rim glasses. i still haven't figured out why he was there.

but when i woke up, the rest of it became clear. someone was out back doing the 157 point turn, trying to get a car out. there was no way my car could have been blocking them in, so i tried to ignore the squealing and cursing and running up and down of stairs.

that was somewhere around 7. i hadn't slept very well last night, and was really hoping to have slept in a bit longer than that. because somehow, and i don't know why, the sleep you get after you wake up once is never as satisfying. it's often riddled with bad dreams or sore backs or cats throwing up. okay, maybe that last one only happens in my house.

finally got up to take the cat to the vet, and earl called right before i left. it would have been nice if he had been able to come over and help with the cat, as she weighs a freakin' ton. it's a pain in the ass to carry her anywhere. but he, too, had slept in, so we made plans for dinner instead.

when i did get the cat down to the vet, she was none too happy. somehow, i had neglected to tell her she was getting a pedicure *and* a haircut.

i'm really glad, now, that they fit her in. i had noticed that one of her dewclaws was ingrown. what i didn't see was that a few others were, as well. i can't imagine how painful it was getting for her to just walk around. *moo*

the vet also buzzed off most of the mats in her fur. stanz was none too thrilled with the process; the buzzy thing made her very nervous. and she does look pretty damn silly with a huge bald patch by her tail. but i've got to believe that she feels better now that the snarlies aren't pulling on her skin anymore. when she finally let me near her again, after we got home, she demanded that i scratch her tail. that made for a much happier kitty.

of course, the downside is that i now have to give her liquid penicillin twice a day for the next week. the liquid is easier than pills, if only for the fact that she can't spit out the liquid. she is pretty good about pills, considering. but it's also a little easier for me. lemme tell you, dosing a recalcitrant cat with anything, by yourself, is no picnic. with the dropper - open mouth, squirt and go. all done. she's only mildly pissed off about that experience. if i then also had to hold her mouth closed until she swallowed? oh, boy.

now why can't they make the suspension in tuna flavor? it's cat medicine. if kid medicine can taste like bubble gum or grape juice, why can't cat medicine taste like salmon or catnip? just asking.

i also spent some time doing the inevitable boring chore of swapping over the closet. my bedroom has looked like a laundromat that exploded for the last few weeks, because there have been clothes everywhere. the weather has been swooping from one extreme to the other, so it didn't feel safe to put away the summer clothes until this weekend. this weekend it's cold, and feels like it will stay that way.

and i don't just stuff the summer stuff in trash bags and stuff them in a closet. i used to. but that causes more pain in the long run. no, i fold up every blessed thing and neatly store them away in storage bags that fit (more or less) on the top shelf of the bedroom closet. what a freakin' pain in the ass. almost makes you want to move to southern California, where (so i've heard) they only ever have one season.

managed to combine two different parts of the plan tonight - caught up with earl for dinner, and heard part of a concert. we went to the Silvertone downtown, which was great fun. i'd heard of it, but never tried it out before. it's a funky, low key kind of place, and the steak was great. any place that will not only cook it just the way i ordered it, but also top it off with a slice of melted Brie is alright in my book.

parts of the night did feel kind of awkward for me. it's been sort of back and forth, working out this friendship. there are more unresolved issues on my side than i had realized. and they crop up at odd times. but one of the things i love about him is his willingness to try and work thru all that. it's not necessarily pleasant, but i respect that he's willing to make the effort, and i do my level best to meet him halfway.

then we popped next door to see Government Mule at the Orpheum. (damn, i couldn't get andy to pat me down! some dumb security rule about women... *g*) i don't know what i expected, but that wasn't it. it was odd being there and not working. it was odd sitting down to see music. and it was very odd to be surrounded by people who started screaming for each opening chord and singing along with all the lyrics. i didn't know any of the music, and i can't remember having been on that side of the equation before.

we also had Apple Man dancing in front of us. he looked, i swear, like an apple on a stick. huge guy, tiny legs. earl thought he looked more like a watermelon. you get the idea.

neither of us were really into the show, so we ducked out after the first set, and headed back to the Gs. we got squashed on the T, and he put his hand on my hip to balance me, which prompted me to quip 'i hope that's your hand'. felt comfortable and nice, in a friend kind of way. ended up sitting in the restaurant, playing a free association word game, ping ponging ideas and images back and forth. great fun, especially when you're doing that with someone you know pretty well. i'm not really sure how the Pope ended up in all of that. let's just say it wasn't a religious segue. and he followed right along. :)

despite the awkward moments earlier in the evening, i had a great time hanging out with him. and that felt nice.

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