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birthday countdown: 6 days.

whee! i opened my first birthday present today. peg sent me a package a few days back. and neatly written on the outside of the package was this: 'do not open until your birthday - unless you want to :)'.

i held off for a few days, leaving it in a pile of mail that had to be dealt with later. i admit to being mildly curious, and nearly ripping it open the instant i got it. but i decided that anticipation was more fun.

tonight, being the 13th and all, i decided to open it. even the wrapping paper made me happy - dark blue, with suns and moons. pretty, pretty! and the silver cord was great fun. it's the stretchy kind, and i played with that for a while. yes, i am that easily amused.

the card sent me off into gales of giggles. worn old baseballs all over the front, appropriate given my addiction to the Boys of Summer. inside was this - 'thought you'd like a birthday card with some balls.' *grin* ah, peg. you picked such the perfect card. covers all the bases, no pun intended. ;)

the gift itself was a book i've wanted for some time, Believers: short stories and a novella by Charles Baxter. i love Baxter. his writing is wonderful. calming, serene images with an undercurrent of tension. he's great. it's on the floor by the couch just now, waiting for a quiet evening where i can dive in and give myself over to the words.

thank you, sweetie! you're so thoughtful. made my night.

i hadn't really thought much about my birthday one way or the other, outside of planning a vacation day. my birthday *should* be a national holiday, damn it. and if they can't put it on the calendar, i'll at least take the day off. i've been doing that for some years, and try to give myself the time to do something just for me. took myself out to Walden Pond for the first time a couple of years ago, and lay on the sandy beach, reading and watching kids splish around in the water. last year, or the year before, i forget which, i treated myself to a day at the spa and dinner. a whole day of being massaged and waxed and facialed and manicured... lovely.

this year, i'm not quite sure what i'll do. i was going to head up to Wingaersheek for the day, figuring that it wouldn't be so crowded on a weekday. just me and some tanning lotion and a few trashy books. then Chica called and said she wanted to pamper me for the day. she offered to bring her massage table over, and give me a good long massage, then take me to Woodman's and the beach in more or less that order. i'm really torn, as she's such a sweetie to want to pamper me. and i do miss her company terribly. the thought of a day with her is very appealing. then again, i'll be coming off a full weekend with the family, which usually means i need some 'me' time, and the idea of spending a day by myself with no structure to the day other than the whim of the moment is also appealing. *sigh* we should all have such problems, no? ;)

most likely, i'll get together with Chica. the rest of the weekend is shaping up quite nicely, as well. dinner Friday with B, crewing for the Cap'n on Saturday, seeing the parents and gram on Sunday, some form of beaching on Monday, and a date Tuesday night. i know. technically Tuesday isn't the weekend. but still. and dinner plans with Fig a little later in the week, too.

it promises to be a wonderful few days, and i'm starting to really look forward to my birthday.

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