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birthday countdown: 6 days.

CB at the beachsomehow i managed to fuck up the alarm, and we woke up two hours later than we meant to. the worst part was, i had woken up an hour early, puttered, and then gone back to sleep. so as soon as i woke up the second time, i knew the light was all wrong. poor ChicaBean woke up to me yelling 'gah! get up! we're late!' as it turned out, we still had plenty of time to have breakfast on the porch. peach muffin and fresh strawberries and blueberries in cream. yum! the sun finally came out while we were cleaning up, and a few phone calls determined that we did in fact have time to sit on the beach for an hour or so. the blueberry bushes down on the point were chock full of ripe berries, and the water was lovely. man oh man, was it hard to get motivated to come back.

there were a couple of kids down there who were fishing with dad and playing in the water. it was so hard not to laugh at them; one of them launched himself off the dock and then announced that he had just done a buttflop instead of a belly flop. then, a few minutes later, we heard dad say 'enough with the armpit.' CB and i were both snickering, but trying not to let the kids hear us, because we didn't want the kids to get the idea that making fart noises with your armpit is actually funny. dad caught our eye, and said 'well, yeah. it *is* funny,' and started laughing himself. and it's true, especially for a 7 year old. body noises are funny.

while we were sitting on the beach, bemoaning the need to hold down paying jobs, i managed to finish up C.S. Lewis's The Magician's Nephew. i had forgotten what a wonderful book it is, and am glad i decided to reread the series recently. now, how i ever missed the Christian imagery in those books the first time through, i don't know. Sons of Adam? Daughters of Eve? a magic apple from a tree in a secret garden? sheesh. and when i first read them, i borrowed them from the library at Sunday school, for god's sake (you'll pardon the expression). there was a built in book case in the corner of one of the classrooms, painted a dusty blue, and there were all sorts of wonderful books to be borrowed. i just thought, at seven years old, that i had discovered science fiction.

coincidentally, tanya just sent me an interesting article recently about Lewis. seems that the current executors of his literary estate are bound and determined to remove any hint of Christian interpretation from those presenting his work. excuse me? like it or not, agree with him or don't, but Lewis was primarily if not exclusively a Christian writer. that's like saying 'let's talk about the American Revolution, but can we leave out those pesky soldiers?' i mean, that is most certainly cutting off the nose to spite the face. i do not understand.

*sigh* 13ths are just never any good, no matter what day of the week. didn't get much done at work, and i meant to get up a bunch of entries. instead, i discussed the Mormon Church and politics over one too many glasses of wine with a perfectly friendly self-described heathen. ergh. this, and i always swear that politics and religion are two topics that one should generally stay far, far away from, as people get very indignant about their views. it's a rare thing to find someone who is willing to discuss either of those topics dispassionately. altho i suppose by the very nature of the ideas, one would tend to be passionate about one's religion or political stance.

also... redial is not always your friend. i'm just saying. i hit redial on phone #1, losing track of the fact that i'd used phone #2 to call the person whom i was trying to reach. and i accidentally woke up frenchy. ah well. it did get me some company on the way to work tomorrow morning. :)

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