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being a pet owner


feeling kinda how a girl feels

my grey kittyi'm working on entries, and trying to catch up...

but i'm also staring a big decision in the face.

my grey cat has been dealing with renal failure for about 6 months. so far, i've been able to treat her thru diet.


but the last few weeks, she's been too weak to jump up on the bed. and she always does when i get into bed, because her spot is on the bottom corner of the bed, by my feet. she doesn't greet me at the door when i come home. she doesn't hang out on the same kitchen chair that has been hers for the last five years.

this sucks. i've had the great good fortune to be able to talk to a few friends tonight, and have a visit from one of my exes, who cared enough about my pain to be there for me. he rocks. side note - i love that his actions tonight confirm that he is in fact one of the coolest people going.

so. so i'm trying to deal with being a good cat mom. and i'm taking her to the vet this saturday. i'll know more next week. until then, real updates may be sporadic. mostly, i want to spend some very quality time with her. i want her to know that she is loved. and if that means taking time off from work, so be it. i would rather spend the last few weeks with my baby.

thanks for listening.

note: while i may not be keeping up here, i'll try to post updates in the blog. feel free to check there for the latest.

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