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down to the wire


feeling kinda how a girl feels

amidst everything, i did manage to get a few basics taken care of. paid off my phone bill, so i can stay all connected to the outside world. did you know that you can't pay your phone bill by phone? true story.

and i finagled a vet appointment for stanzi tomorrow. they weren't going to fit her in, but i explained what a bad kitty mommy i've been, and how i really wanted to have her claws taken care of before anything got infected. god love 'em, they juggled a few things and squeezed us in tomorrow afternoon. (i almost typed squoze. not really a word, but it should be, don't you think?)

ended up late at work, right down to the wire. things are getting really squirrelly, with the ship date coming up in just a few days. we ended up calling my boss at home to explore a few options. since we were still all in the office and he wasn't, i tried not to feel too guilty about the fact that we probably interrupted his dinner, or at least his cocktail hour.

i think squeaky probably wanted me in the office this weekend. nuh uh. i left my number and home email for the developers i knew would be there, but wasn't about to give her a chance to rope me in for the weekend. because, really, unless things went up in flames, there wouldn't be much for me to do or help with. anyway, the people who might need to get in touch with me know how to do so.

made the rounds after work to catch up with people. sounds a little crazy, with the schedule being what it is, that i keep trying to see friends and go out. but i think that makes it even more important. after a day of staring at my screen, trying to solve issues, and interacting with generally stressed individuals, i feel the need for destressing. and talking to anyone outside of my office about pretty much anything else is a good way to do that. got a new album from drew, who was sweet enough to burn me a copy. the title cracks me up. Modest Mouse, Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks. have no idea what kind of music this is, but the title alone gets it points.

finally picked up a birthday present for my bro: a set of pliers and wrenches. how phenomenally unsexy is that? not that i buy him sexy presents, mind you. it's just that ... that's so *practical*. of course, he did just buy a house. and while it's not a fixer upper, there are a lot of projects he wants to get done. i've been assured by my male cohorts that a guy can never have too many tools, and he'll love his present.

i had called my dad this morning, to ask what sorts of tools bro could use. dad has given him a bunch, and been over there, so i knew he'd know. little did i know i could inspire gales of laughter simply by saying, 'i called for your advice, dad.' i suspect, actually, that he's flattered, and is happy to offer advice. hey, it took over 30 years, dad, but i do truly listen. once in a while. ;)

dropped in at the Gs for a brief moment, and caught up with a few people, then headed home to catch the ball game. you know, i completely sacked out on the couch. i couldn't even tell you who was playing. i just liked having the commentary in the background. something very comforting about strikes and walks, stolen bases and the crack of the bat.

my best friend called while i was dozing, and i woke up enough to catch up with her a little. i'm really torn; haven't seen her in ages, and she asked me to do something with her tomorrow. but i already had tentative plans to get a bunch of things done, see people, her some music... wah! not fair! why do i have to choose? *pout*

she made the choice for me, saying that it sounded like i was busy and did i want to get together on Sunday instead? glad she was free that night. i just sort of figured that since our schedules have both been crazy, and haven't overlapped much, that i'd only get one shot at seeing her. so looks like the whole weekend is booked. not bad. but it doesn't leave much down time. i'll have to see if i can fit a nap in there somewhere. Naps Are Good.

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