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ah... having been duly chastised, i'll now be writing about The Rest of the Weekend. ;)

ChicaBeanie and her girlfriend were planning a dinner party for about 10 friends. since they had the house to themselves, seemed like a good idea. we'd get to play grownup and all. so, what do you do to get ready for a big party? right! redo the entire kitchen! that's what i'd do, too. of course, these projects always take longer than you think they will. Saturday night, things were still in a state of ... well, i won't say disarray, but there was Work to be Done. i'd offered to help out, figuring that it would mean a little prep work and a little hostessing. turned into a tad bit more.

which would have been all fine and good if i'd managed to keep my wits about me the night before. let's just say it's been a while since i saw the sun rise and took it as my cue to go to bed. so the alarm goes off and the phone rings, at more or less the same time. sis was calling to catch me up on her weekend. then ChicaBeanie called right after to ask me if i'd pick up sandwiches on the way over. dragged my sorry ass into the shower, threw it in a cab, and off i went. sandwiches delivered, i lay down on the comfy couch for a quick nap while they ate. pretty much, that's how the afternoon went. little work, little nap. little work, little nap.

we made a quick shopping trip to pick up the last of the groceries. i love shopping for parties. you get to buy all sorts of indulgent stuff that you just wouldn't get on a regular shopping trip. and it was a gorgeous day to be driving around in the convertible. of course, the bits of me that were sunburned from the parade were in a bit of pain, and i felt like an old lady trying to get out of the damn car (which i swear is only about an inch off the road), but other than that, it was lovely. ;)

jenn showed up as we got back and started cleaning and cooking. bingo! my cue to take another little nap. dinner came together pretty nicely (easy to say, since i wasn't the one doing the cooking). CB always makes a great dinner. an assortment of olives, cheeses and patè to nibble on beforehand, cuban pork roast, garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed green beans for dinner, and fresh blueberry grunt with whipped cream and ice cream for dessert. yuuuum yum. pretty much everyone cleaned their plates (i didn't touch the green beans, because i was always lousy about eating my veggies, even when i was vegetarian). and then we adjourned to the living room to hang out.

it was fun to finally meet everyone; most everyone there i only knew by reputation up til that point. very oddly, i'm convinced that i've met pat before, but i couldn't tell you when or where. you ever get that? you meet someone for the first time, and you just have this sense that you're actually re-meeting them?

jag cracked me up when we were sitting in the living room. she asked about one of the cheeses and i spun off the whole 'osau irati, Basque sheep's milk cheese, aged, yada yada...'. she just looked at me, and said 'i don't need to know anything about farm animals. just tell me it's cheese.' 'it's cheese.' 'good.' hee hee. she had on the coolest shoes (right, i know, complete lack of segue) - two tone Doc Martens with leopard print insets. i want those shoes.

oh, i'm telling this all out of order... CB's girlfriend had told me about one of the guys she works with, describing him as really sweet and a complete gearhead. so we're puttering around before people show up, and all of a sudden, the street starts to vibrate. loudest damn car i've heard in ages comes thundering down the street. 'uh, guys? i'm pretty sure adam is here.' sure enough, he drives a pace car from Daytona (i think that's the right track) tricked out with all kinds of crazy lights and a kick ass stereo. i was hoping he'd drive me home, because it would just make me laugh my ass off to get to ride around town in the epitome of White Trash Cars (and i mean that in the kindest way possible). ah, well... maybe next time.

anyway, the highlight of the evening (featured act? don't know quite how to say it, as there were many highlights... ah, feh.) was the fact that sandy was doing tarot readings for all of us. varying degrees of skepticism, but i think we all had a reading done. now, for me, the tarot is a tool. it helps you see things you already know, that you just need a nudge to really see or accept. yes, there is an element of that other sense, too. but i'm pretty practical about it. not knowing sandy before this, i had no idea how good she was. so i consciously didn't talk to her much before my reading, and didn't really feed her much in the way of info during it, either. color me cynical, but i think that people who don't really know how to use the tarot will just do a very good job of feeding off the signals that you give them.

i shouldn't have been concerned. the woman is dead on. she picked up on so many of the things that i've been thinking about recently that it had to have come from the cards. my reading turned out to be the longest and most intense of the night, and i'm glad that she tapes her readings, because she was just throwing so much information at me that i have to go back and listen to it again.

i haven't really absorbed all of it yet, so i'll have to come back and write about it again later. but the short version is that some things were confirmed, some revealed, and a few ideas got kick started. changes are coming, many of them, and soon.

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