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feeling kinda how a girl feels

*peeks out* well, the sun isn't my enemy today. that's an improvement.

day two of migraine. still feeling a bit fragile. and, frankly, crappy. two days sleeping as much as possible in the same nightgown, haven't eaten much, haven't showered. i feel icky.

i could focus enough to watch TV, but that's about it. no reading. thankfully, there is almost always some version of Law and Order on, somewhere on cable. it's the comfort food of TV - predictable plot and structure, morals told, no whacked out surprises at the last minute. i've watched a lot of L&O today.

the cats know i don't feel well, and have been keeping an eye on me. friends have been calling to check, too, but i'm ignoring the phone. too much effort to talk to other humans (altho i don't feel human myself).

i did manage to connect with ActingBoss, and i still have a job. this is good. i can't even think about work right now, but it's good to know it's still there to torment me on Monday.

i've watched Trading Spaces a fair bit today, as well. pretty much, i've been surfing my favorite channels and watching familiar stuff that i've seen before. anything that doesn't challenge me is good. i can't sleep or stare at the ceiling anymore, tho.

it doesn't help that the apartment is a shithole. i haven't cleaned in ages, and i could ignore it when i was healthy. but now that i'm forced to sit here and stare at the dust clumps in the corner and the kitty litter evenly spread thruout the house, i realize how bad it is. and it makes me feel even worse.

the elephants are still stomping on my head, but at least they've taken off the cleats. it's down to a dull throb, and it doesn't hurt to put my head down on a pillow now.

funny thing about pain - it pretty much wipes out your appetite. i could call for takeout, which is even less effort that trying to make something quick. but there's nothing that appeals to the taste buds right now. well, hell. i meant to lose a few pounds anyway.

i'm going to curl up with the L&O boys now, and hope that the migraine continues to subside. longest one i've ever had was four days. knock on wood, that won't happen this time.

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