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Girls Weekend at the cabin


feeling kinda how a girl feels

birthday countdown: 7 days.

oh, be careful what you ask for... i asked for rain, and now it's pouring buckets! i'm listening to waterfalls off the porch, as the spout is detatched. hey, at least it's cooler. i'm just waiting for ChicaBeanie to get here so we can head off to New Hampshire.

later on... we did some shopping to get food for the weekend. never let two uncaffienated women loose in Bread and Extortionists. i was trying to restock a whole house, because everything looked tasty. :)

rough ride up... it was pouring so hard at some points that we could barely see the cars in front of us. thankfully it cleared up by the time we got part way up there. caught up with everyone as they were leaving, and had a nice lunch on the porch. it's screened in, and you can see the lake from there. got everything unpacked and settled in, started a fire in the fire place and napped.

and a lovely fire it wasi was lying on the daybed, so this is what i was seeing. read a little and then woke up CB so we could make a quick trip to the store for beverages and crackers. somehow, we'd gotten everything but crackers, thinking that there would be some up at the cabin. but really, we don't leave all that much up there between trips. most of it gets packed back out. anyway, we got the crackers, and came back to have some snacks (cheese and patè) and play Trivial Pursuit. note: if you're playing with the original set of cards, the default answer for any political question is Ronald Reagan. i'm just saying.

we also tried to figure out the Quidditch card game. damn, is that complicated. every time we thought we knew what to do at the end of a turn, we realized that there were about 6 different rules that might apply. finally, i suggested that we try it again after dinner, as it was getting late and i was getting hungry.

nice little galley kitchen, isn't it?CB took over grilling duties (open the cover *before* lighting!) and grilled up a couple of fabulous steaks for us, while i puttered around making corn on the cob and asparagus. not complicated, but man oh man was that a tasty dinner. mmmm... now, how this happens i don't know, but whenever i eat corn on the cob, the cob ends up square. it just does. i've gotten endless rounds of grief from my siblings about that. i'm just organized that way, i guess.

after dinner, i realized i didn't have the patience for another go at Quidditch, so we messed around with taking pictures for The Mirror Project. i'm very pleased with how some of them came out. and i'm tempted to post them here, but it would fill up a page or two. so i'll let you know when they're up on Heather's project.

instead of Quidditch, we played a few rounds of Jenga, which is always entertaining. it's about precision and patience... right up to the end, when it's a crashingly loud mess. :)

we'd been feeding the fire all along (CB is a much better pyromaniac than i am), and we ended up sitting by the fireplace for a while and talking about everything under the sun (which was sort of the point of the Girls Weekend) before realizing that we were ready to sleep, and sleep hard. nice night.

toasty feet at the end of the night.

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