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slept reasonably well, and made it in to work early (well, early for me). i managed to work a full day, and was productive enough. more importantly, i didn't lose it, which is what i was afraid of. i think building that buffer, coming in over the weekend and feeling comfortable at my own desk, knowing that i could be here and get things done, gave me a little help. also, i finished up the documentation today, so i can cross something off the list.

*light dawns on marblehead* oh, shit. i hate lists. i hate lists! i hate lists, and my boss made me make a list of tasks, and i've been running away from the list since. geez. i should have seen that before, that the list was a part of what was scaring me about work. well, that and the fact that i'm about three weeks behind on everything.

people kept remarking that i looked well rested, which struck me as odd, if only because i feel anything but. i guess the face at least looks good. and you know, you look maaahvelous. sorry, channelling Billy Crystal there for a sec...

i went to the store after work to get a few things - just enough to feed myself tonight, no big production - and realized keeping odd work hours is a good thing. going to the supermarket at 5:30 isn't. i drove around the parking lot for nearly as long as it took to get there. *grr* and the stupid shit that people do while driving around parking lots in search of the Holy Grail of the Perfect Parking Space never ceases to amaze and aggravate me.

went home when i escaped from there and fed my face, got a call from B way down there in the wilds of Jersey and chatted with him for an hour or so, and then realized my show (Once and Again) was on, and that i'd missed Boston Public. 'oh yeah. it was good!' he said without missing a beat. yeah, that's right, go ahead and rub it in. ;)

after the show, i worked on my puzzle for a while; it's nearly done. the picture is a church in some European mountains. i figured i'd do the sky pieces first when i started, but quickly gave up on that and did the church first. and at this point, i'm working purely on form, as every piece looks like every other piece. snow, clouds, snow covered rocks, shadows on snow, trees in snow, shadows of trees on snow... you get the idea.

oddly, insomnia has reared its overly companianable head again. i don't get that one. i'm dead tired. i want to go to sleep. but my body keeps going as if it has a mind of its own. hey, if it did, that would explain a whole lot.

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