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feeling kinda how a girl feels

note to self: do not pound down 2 cups of coffee on an empty stomach, suck down a mochachino in the afternoon, and then have a spicy dinner. the ulcer you constantly deny exists will not be happy.

went to the brewery for the monthly brewer's dinner. i was pretty sad because my date didn't show up. and in a triumph of optimism over experience, i still watched the door all night. however, when i got home, it all came clear. can't find my copy of The Handbook just now, but i'm pretty sure that if you call from the hospital, you pretty much get a free pass on that one. sorry you're feeling sick, honey! bleargh. and thank you so much for the flowers you sent today. completely unexpected, certainly not necessary, and one of the nicest things that's happened in a long time.

okay, so dinner was still good. will and lee looked out for me all night, and the food was wonderful. it's five courses, with a half pint of beer to match each. there are a couple of choices for each course, all of them interesting. herewith, my choices, with annotations.

Chilled Red and Golden Beet Soup with Dill Crème Fraiche
1/2 pint of Hefe Weizen

what an excellent pairing. i hate beets. i really do. but this soup was wonderful; the crème fraiche was just the right touch. and the hefe weizen played well off the tastes. naturally, i ended up with speckles of red all over the front of my dress. apparently, you can dress me up, but you can't take me out.

Arugula and Belgian Endive with Concord Grapes and Cabral Bleu Cheese
1/2 pint of Golden Ring Abbey Pale Ale

what an insane amount of bleu cheese! but you can never have too much of a good thing, right?

Jasmine Ginger Pancakes with Garlic Grilled Prawns and Cilantro Cashew Pesto
1/2 pint of Ginger Beer

note: the menu said prawns, plural. in fact, it was one prawn, about the size of a lobster tail. shrimp on steroids, that would be. there was a second sauce, a reduction of jasmine tea with honey and brown sugar. no, i'm not enough of a foodie to have figured that out. i had to ask. i licked every last bit of it off the plate. 8)

Tequila Marinated Duck Breast served atop Tasso, Poblano and Smoked Onion Rice with Cumin-Cilantro Summer Vegetables and Corn Salsa
1/2 pint of Wolf's Red Ale

whoofdy. this is where it got to be too much for my non-existant ulcer. it tasted wonderful, but it was just too spicy. i had lee pack it up so i could try it again later. of course, like an idiot, i walked out of there without it. 8( well, i'll just have to go back soon and hope they have it again as a special.

Roasted Pineapple Flambè with Barbacourt Run and Black Currant Sauce
1/2 pint of Charles River Porter

oh. mi. god. a bowl of sin, this was, in the best possible way. fresh pineapple, and a scoop of ice cream right in the middle. somehow i ended up with two spoons, and was sorely tempted to eat this with both hands.

all in all, a lovely dinner. stayed up faaarrrrrr too late after that, but that's another story.

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