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birthday countdown: 8 days.

it's been lovely and cool today. i've done... a lot of sleeping. pretty much, that was my day. i opted out of the show tonight (Keb Mo and Bela Fleck), which probably would have been nice, but the thought that i could just putter around the house and be cool was more appealing. okay, inertia played a large part in it. and the fact that i napped until 4. but other than that, it was just wanting to putter.

turns out to have been a good choice, because i actually got to talk to The Boy rather than just play phone tag. it was nice to catch up with him, even tho he was doing a million things at once in the office. fortunately, he called back much later in the evening, so we could catch up improperly. ;)

got about a million other phone calls in the evening, or so it felt. and i got a little punchy. note: if you ever answer the phone 'Joe's Mortuary, you stab 'em, we slab 'em', that's a sure guarantee that your mother will be on the other end of the phone. eep! now why is it she wasn't calling when i was answering for Harvard House of Pizza?

other than that, i've just been getting ready for New Hampshire; CB and i are going up to the cabin for a little girl time. but to keep you entertained - a virtual tour! i've been messing around with the digi cam and finally wrangled some of the pictures down to reasonable size. it's a bit of a mish mash, but here's a peek at my life.

my attempt at sketching

first things first... this is my attempt at sketching a few weeks ago. no scanner, but a digi cam will do in a pinch. it came out okay, i think. the mess on the left is when i started by trying to draw the whole shrub. then i stopped and tried again, just one flower.

my little cubiclethis is the cubicle in which i dwell. isn't it lovely? it's not bad, actually. you can sort of see the little altar i've created across the top of the monitor. i've got a Thai frog, a mandala, a Gnanesh finger puppet, an origami swan, a white rock, a pewter Buddha, a porcelain nun carrying a black umbrella, and Pokey, which my brother gave me nearly 10 years ago. it's lived somewhere on my desk ever since. myriad papers, and always a coffee mug. hey, it's home away from home.

the infamous couchand here it is, in all its maroon glory. my couch. real honest to goodness Adult Furniture. it really looks nice in here, if i do say so myself. it's a bit firmer than the old one. the old one used to suck you into its depths. this one, it's more like perching. but that's okay. i'm thinking about getting a few more throw pillows, just because i can. oh - the ones that are on there? they didn't even put real pillows in them. just stuffed the cases with batting. eh. s'okay. the colors came out pretty well. worth the 6 months of agonized debating, don't you think?

an unhealthy addictionso, i have a few books. i keep trying to organize them, and it sort of works. but then i buy more, and keep stuffing them on the shelves. so now they're two and three layers deep. this doesn't even take into account the three other bookcases i have, and the 8 or 10 boxes full stuffed away in my ridiculously small living room closet. it's just deep enough to fit a paper box in. i'm not really looking forward to the day i need to extricate all those boxes. but i have so many family books, older editions, signed copies of things... how can you part with them?

i suppose part of it could come from the fact that i grew up reading books, loving them, having them read to me, being taken to the library as a treat, getting yelled at for reading after bedtime, probably ruining my eyes at an early age trying to read in the dark so that my parents wouldn't see the light on under the bedroom door... also, there's just something physically satisfying about books. the heft, the smell, the crinkle of paper - i like it all, nearly as much as the words themselves.

my living room, alternate viewif you stand over by the bookcase and look back towards the TV, this is the view. sorry about the flare from the lamp... haven't quite gotten the hang of the camera just yet. that big blank space on the wall to the left will soon, i hope, be home to a new framed print, another Joel Meyerowitz. i picked up a photo of a cottage doorway a few years back and haven't quite gotten around to doing anything with it. the couch, however, is providing inspiration. little grey cat is hiding by the corner of the couch. for some reason, she didn't feel like having her picture taken. you'll just have to take my word for it that she exists.

buddha kittybuddha kitty, on the other hand, was more than willing to pose, little diva. he does this thing where he sits in the recliner, propped up on the arm, with his paws crossed, looking for all the world like he should be wearing a smoking jacket.

okay... small slice of life. i don't want to crowd too many pictures on one page, so if you want to see more, head on over to page two (use the 'tomorrow' link, right down there *points*).

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