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today's word to the wise: don't crank your speakers in the office if you're listening to someone who might use ...highly questionable words. like, say, for instance, my polycarbonate girlfriend Ani DiFranco. who is singing about her pink bits. loudly. oops...

it's been gorgeous and mild and sunny the last few days, and spring fever is hitting hard. it's been so nice walking in to work lately. snowdrops, hyacinth, pansies, little crocuses and daffodils are poking their heads out. such a gift to come around the corner and find a patch of baby daffodils tucked up by the edge of a house, or a sea of fragrant purple along the edge of the Divinity School campus.

baseball fever is also hitting hard; maybe they're one and the same. if there were a home game today, i'd be over at the ball park in a heartbeat. sitting in the bleachers, soaking in the sun, watching my boys - that would be a perfect afternoon. of course, i have this idea that you can still stroll up to the ballpark, plunk down $5 for a bleacher seat, snag a few beers and make a day of it. apparently, not so much. the innocence and freedom of the game aren't quite what they used to be. ballpark dogs are still pretty good, tho. don't ask me what the appeal is, but it's not a game without a hotdog, for me. not sausages, mind you. yeah, i know, the sausage guy on the sidewalk is an institution at Fenway. don't remember his name; there was a big article on him last year. nope, no sausage. has to be a dog. mmmmmmmmm.

and yes, i am that fatalistic sort of Sox fan who starts every year with a heart full of optimism, lightly tinged with cynicism. the start of the season, all things seem possible. and then, slowly, history repeats itself or some variation on a theme. i'm afraid this year may start earlier than ever, with Nomar and a few others injured. then again, Hideo pitched a perfect no hitter last week! like i said... the Sox fans' optimism will be the death of them.

the other lovely thing about the last week has been the copious amount of sunshine. oh, it's wonderful. i love it. it makes it easier to get up, it makes it more pleasant to be sitting at my desk (which is by a window), it makes it easier to walk around and get errands done - just all around a real boost. and perhaps it will quell the fluorescent argument for a while. we have the ongoing battle about fluorescent lights in our little alcove of CubeLand. the layout is sort of like this (ooooh, look, ASCII art!):

|-----------------------| <- window and much sunshine
(hallway goes here)

so i'm happy because i get natural light. and all of us in the neighborhood had at one point agreed to leave the overhead lights off. they buzz, they give me migraines, and we were all happy to live without them. or at least, so it seemed until someone complained to my boss that i was 'imposing darkness' upon them. when i was done laughing, i told my boss that when said person was able to approach me like an adult, i'd talk to him. so far, no chat and no fluorescent lights. and with all this sunshine, who cares?

i also have a reasonably clean apartment, after some puttering the other day. it's such a balm to come home to a neat, organized space with good smells. i had to laugh yesterday morning; the mouse was back in it's sacred space. my cats have this one courduroy mouse they love. often, it is in the middle of the floor, all the better for me to step on it when they're done drooling over it. i had picked it up and put it in the basket of cat toys the other day while vacuuming, and thought no more of it. on the way out the door yesterday, i glanced down, and smack in the center of the rug was the mouse. clearly, this is where the mouse belongs. >^..^<

and we're off to the movies... very exciting - i'm catching up with a friend i haven't seen in months and we're seeing Memento with the ever fabulous Guy Pearce. damn, the man could plane wood with those cheekbones! oh, yeah - Carrie Anne Moss is in this, too. one can only hope she looks as fine here as she did in Matrix. hey, i'm willing to find out. ;)

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