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a belated story about dad's birthday


feeling kinda how a girl feels

::weak smile:: hey, spring is almost here, right? officially starts on the 21st, so flu season will be over then, right?

this head cold has turned nasty on me. all kinds of fever and aches last night, and today it's migrated to some sort of bronchial thing. i started coughing so hard at one point that i very nearly passed out. this, i do not need. the cats haven't learned CPR yet, so they won't be any help.

so instead i got myself cleaned up and went to a friend's. well, to my sweetie's, except... eh, that's a whole 'nother story. anyway, i have someone to look after me and bring me cough drops and gingerale. took two DayQuil when i got over here, and then lay down to take a nap. he said i didn't even twitch a muscle for nearly two hours. dead weight. but hey, i could breathe. just popped two NyQuil - i figure i have about 20 minutes before i start typing this entry with my nose.

latest development on the court case - i got a check from the probate officer the other day. the amount didn't seem right at all, so i called my best friend, who confirmed that, in fact, it should have been much higher. now i don't know what the deal is; i'll have to give the DA a call on Monday. i'm guessing that if she had negotiated some other payment plan, they would have to let me know, but maybe not. we'll see.

hey, so my dad's birthday was last week, and i'm so pleased he liked his present! lemme tell you, this man is no treat to shop for, and even if you *do* find a good gift, he never gets too excited about it. one year i took the bus down just to be there for his birthday - he didn't even put the paper down. just sat there and kept reading. cripes. i can see it not meaning much to you, but hey - work it a little for everyone else.

anyway, i was stumped this time around as to what to get. he pretty much has everything he needs, and the stuff he doesn't have i'm not sure i could afford. so i went browsing around a few of my favorite stores, with a jazz CD in the back of my head as Plan B. first store i went into, i didn't hold out much hope - it's interesting stuff, but more on the girlie side. then lo and behold, there it was. The Gift. on top of one shelf of displays was a book on model boats. there were 18 different models in there that you could build, all printed on waterproof paper so that you could actually sail them after you built them. they started with canoes (pretty simple) and worked up to a functioning paddleboat (relatively complex). how cool is that?

my dad loves boats, always has. last year, he built a small boat for just messing around. i had gotten him a subscription to Wooden Boat magazine, which he then went and renewed on his own (damn!). so when i found this book, i knew it was it. i had visions of my dad sitting in his jacuzzi tub, surrounded by a small flotilla of boats, having a grand old time. perhaps not the most appropriate image one could have of one's dad, but when i talked to him on the phone? exactly what he said he was going to do. 'at least this way your mother doesn't have to worry about the boat noises coming out of the bathroom anymore.' uh, thanks, dad. 8)

he also said he was going to frame his birthday card. i found one for him, months ago, that i'd been saving. 'celebrating the day you had to walk eight miles in the snow to get born.' yep. that's my dad. it just seemed so right, it was funny. and yes, he really and truly is going to have it framed. i checked with mom, and he was serious.

oof. oh, that's it. the cold meds just kicked in. i have a very important date with my pillow right about nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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