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more on the parade, and the show, as promised.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

oh, there are so many groups that i forgot to mention when i was talking about the parade. i forgot the cheerleaders, the girls in pasties and not much else up on the floats, and one boy in gorgeous boots and silver body paint. yum. 8) there was just every flavor under the rainbow and then some. i felt hugely safe and at home there; not a feeling i get all that often. everyone was open, and interested, and friendly - not that they were out to be best friends, that's not it. there was just so much tolerance and understanding. and i kept seeing people from the parade all over town after that. you'd get the smile, and the nod, 'yup, we were all there, weren't we?' sort of look. it was lovely.

the best T shirts seen there:

and yes, i ended up with the Irish tan. hey, i just don't turn that lovely shade of toasty brown that everyone else seems to be able to do. ;)

i managed to find a really nice new toe ring, with purple stones, open on the top so you just saw the two stones peeking out. and i'm sad that it broke the next day, because i really liked it. hmph. well, i guess you get what you paid for, and i didn't pay all that much.

there were little smalls (kids) all over the place, too, and i loved it. little poochy cheeks, and you just wanted to *squish* them all in a big hug. and the dogs... oh, my god. have you seen the Big Gay Al ep of South Park? one of the kids is trying to convince his dog to be straight. 'sparky, sit. good boy. roll over, sparky. roll over. good dog. now - don't be gay. don't be gay, sparky!' oh, lord... that became one of the catch phrases for the afternoon. 'don't be gay!' hee hee.

oh, yeah. i promised to tell you about the show at the Pavilion. i'd seen the opening band, Addison Groove Project, before, and was excited to see them again. well, i paid the price for my fandom. in a fit of kindness, my boss made sure i was right down front. i got my eardrums blown out during sound check. but it was worth it. i truly think these kids are destined for greatness. dave was up there, playing the sax hard and doing his little hoopty dance - made me *happy*.

i could have lived without the second band, Mr. Lif. he's good, just not my bag. and also, it was shades of the bad rap show. there was a good one this season, too, but unfortunately, Mr. Lif was at the bad one. so as soon as he came out on stage, i wanted to run away screaming. of course, no one would have heard me, as they had all the amps at clip. but i would have felt better.

the headliner was Dispatch, and i didn't know anything about them beforehand, other than the fact that they're hip hop. they were far more reggae than i would have thought they would be. heh heh... and all the boys were wearing bad shades. you know the wrap around kind with the little squinty lenses that look sort of like ski glasses? they were all wearing those. in yellow. ech. but the music was fun, and i danced silly mad most of the night to them and Addison Groove. of course, all the teenagers in the audience kept looking at me like 'what is the old lady doing? doesn't she know she can't dance? adults don't do that.' what. ever. didn't care, had a good time.

note to self: take an allergy pill before working again. we have to clean all the seats before the show, and let me tell you, you don't want to see that kind of pollen. nope. no way. pollen, and bird shit. yum yum. :( spent much of the night sneezing that one out. i was also a bit aggravated when i got there, for a few reasons. i have two mag lights at home. did i remember to bring either one? three guesses, and the first two don't count. so i had to buy *another* one. hey, third time is the charm, right?

you know, as much as i like the work, i think maybe i'm not cut out for it some nights. night blind and claustrophobic. so i desperately need the mag light, and when the flashes go off on cameras? useless, for about 2 minutes. and trying to get out of there is just a test of my patience. oh, and speaking of patience: if i ask you for your ticket, don't wave it spastically a foot in front of my face. this will not win my friendship. take it out, let me look at it, and you're on your way. gah.

this is how punchy i was by the end of the night: ken stopped by, and offered me a swig from his drink. i hold up the bottle, determine that it's carbonated, then slam down a huge gulp. bubbles up my nose and me choking - not a pretty sight. he started laughing, and you know? i deserved it. i knew it was fizzy. just didn't quite register, i guess.

so after the show, i just wanted to get home and get some sleep, because we had a dinner party coming up the next day. i thought i was all good to make the last bus, until we hit Charles station. here i am, sitting in a perfectly functional car - lights are on, doors are working. and for some reason, the conductor decided that we all had to move up to the first 4 cars. cost me about 5 minutes and the bus. what the fuck? what was wrong with the damn car? eh. anyway, the walk home did make me happy, despite the fact i was carrying 10 pounds of cat litter. the weather was gorgeous, and i spent most of the time just looking up thru the clouds at the full moon. sometimes, you just get that one thing you need to make you happy.

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