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a day all about wierd


feeling kinda how a girl feels

well, today was all about wierd.

i had some really wacked out dreams last night/this morning. the first one had to do with my guilt about the restitution ruling. yeah, yeah... i know. *i* was the victim of a violent crime, it was a travesty that i had to even show up, let alone testify, she owed me the money for my out of pocket expenses, no guilt required. what can i say? perhaps i was a Catholic nun in a former life. whatever the cause - i feel guilty about getting so much money from her. and one of the things she's paying for is a crown i need to have done. as a result, the judge ruled that she had to come up with the payment for the crown in 30 days. at first he said 7 days, at which point she apparently almost fell off her chair. my best friend was watching; i was staring at the floor, trying not to let anything that might piss off the judge flash across my face. i've been told that i have a Times Square billboard for a face - i'm guessing this means not much is hidden. 8) and at that point, i was so aggravated with the defense lawyer i really thought the judge might take one look at my face and toss the whole thing. so... staring at the floor, hear the ruling, immense tsunamis of relief wash over me, and i tried not to do the little Happy Dance afterwards. because, you know, the karmic balance is a powerful thing. put the wrong energy out there, and unexpected things can happen.

all this is running around in my head when i go to sleep. somewhere during the night, i have a dream about my teeth. one tooth in particular. and it's not even the tooth i have to get crowned. it's the tooth i usually run my tongue against. in my dream, the tooth in question slowly splintered... no blood, no mess, just tall, odd splinters of ivory. and for some reason, i ended up with the tooth's eye view of the whole thing. (huh. can't remember which is the eye tooth.) at some point, i had the Tooth Cam swooping in to show me, from the back side view, more or less where the tongue should be, how the tooth looked. there was a sort of front wall left, and the rest of the space was just kind of... empty. wierd.

at that point, i think i woke up. it was phenomenally windy this morning - gusts up to 50 miles an hour. so the garrett room we're in was rather noisy. i had visions of Dorothy and Toto sweeping past us. fortunately, we were just watching. i snuggled back down under the covers, enjoying the sunlight, and went back to sleep.

and that's when the cats revealed to me that they're actually aliens.

yup. there are two black cats in sweetie's house, and they have fang-y teeth. two front teeth that stick out a bit, even when they have their mouths closed. i nicknamed them the Vamp Cats. they don't like that.

so in my dream, they revealed that they aren't cats at all. instead, they're aliens, and their compatriots are being held prisoner on a planet on the far edges of the galaxy. there are no walls or prisons; they have free run of the planet, just no way to leave. doesn't sound so bad, does it? ah... but here's the catch. the longer you stay on the planet, the younger you get. and eventually, you disappear. so these two have come to Earth to look for help. disguising themselves as cats, they have greater access to information. (yeah, well... it's what they told me.) having revealed their secret, they were free to break out of the form they had been using as a disguise. much craziness, and running around... and later, i told them that they could work a deal with all kinds of people to get help, because the people would be willing to trade a few minutes on that planet for helping out the aliens. i mean, if you could just take a trip and look younger, wouldn't that be better than plastic surgery?

hey, it was a dream. cut me some slack. *g*

and then i woke up again, to find that one of the cats was on top of my feet. all i could think was - 'do i negotiate for a trip to the home planet? or do i just kick him off the bed?'

much napping and a haircut later, we went out for a beer. of course, because it's so cold, we snagged a spot in a convenient lot (somewhat illegally). and when we came out of the brewing company, the car was gone. i'll just say here - we've pulled this maneuver many times. this was bound to happen at some point. turns out the car had been towed. we went back to CBC, tracked down the car, and got a cab. many thanks to the staff for letting us use the phone.

and then the fun began.

we got to the tow lot. went in to the office, paid for the car, and thanked the family. the whole family appeared to be in there. i just asked sweetie how he would describe them. "geez..... .... i would say that they were all cut from the same cloth. after someone dragged the cloth out of a puddle." he did have somewhat kinder things to say about the Townies earlier. i'll just say that their dental plan appears to be somewhat lacking. as we were paying for the car and trying not to choke on the fog of smoke ( 12x12 room, 8 people, 15 packs of smokes, honey has asthma, and i just quit smoking last week), we looked out the window. someone was strutting thru the tow yard in search of a car. the signs (and common sense) say that you go to the office first, then get your car. the family emptied out of the office into the yard. the guy (who turned out to be drunk) and his girl (who probably was too) were none too kind about the interference. it was better than a soap opera. i mean, pathos, conflict, drama, high words exchanged - what more could you want? oh yeah... cops. about 5 of them. and they were pissed off. apparently, they had already encountered this guy earlier tonite, and warned him to calm down. y'know, all we wanted to do was get the car and go home. it was late, and cold. and instead, we were caught in the middle (literally) of this damn drama. at one point, i locked my door because i thought DrunkBoy might try to take our car after throwing us out. hell, he tried to steal a tow truck - why not our car? of course, a locked door is useless if the window is broken. and i did worry that he would just swing at the window.

eventually, the cops and the tow guys moved all the necessary vehicles to let us out. note: it appears to be usual for tow yards to block the entrance with a truck. just in case you get any ideas. i didn't know this.

and that was enough oddness for one day. i think i might sleep in tomorrow just to recover. unless, of course, the alien 'cats' come back to visit my subconscious.

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