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damn. who knew that weekends were more work?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

~sigh~ this has actually been a much busier week than i thought it would be. and i'm just beat right now. ever have one of those nights where you didn't really mean to, but you end up moving furniture?

i found out a few more details about my "friend", and we're using the term loosely at this point, and her behavior at the bar the other night. off the bat, the fact that my bartender felt the need to mention it again today was a sign that it was horrific. not only did she steal drinks, she was kissing people all over the place, had her head in some guy's lap (and i don't want *any* more details), and punched another guy. i assume she punched him on the arm, but still. and the guys she stole the shots from? the shots were comps to make up for the really bad experience they had in there the first time. yo, that's not even funny.

so i'm still smarting from that one, and swear i will never bring another friend in there again, as long as i live. if my friends do come in there, they will find their own way there. with no hints from me. nuuh-uh. not a one.

today was the memorial ham fry for my honey's birthday. if you haven't read about this before, the memorial ham fry is a family tradition. show up at the house early Sunday morning, and there's more food than anyone could need - waffles, French toast, scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, strawberries, whipped cream, bagels, cream cheese... generally, a huge ass breakfast. and it's always a race to get home, as the sausage and the caffeine are competing for your intestine's attention by the time we leave. it's actually a lot of fun to see everyone, but i always pay the price afterwards. so, mom called this morning to see if we were on our way, and without even thinking, i hollered that the party didn't start until the Birthday Boy arrived. right. after. he said he was still in bed. yo, that's not right. i mean, none of our parents harbor any illusion about our virginity any more, but it's one thing for them to tacitly acknowledge it, and another to announce it to them via phone.

ah, but karma has a funny way of balancing things out. 8) his mom called me Ilene. his ex-girlfriend from four years ago, and she is one of the most evil people i have ever known. mind you, i'm highly biased because she was so abusive, verbally and physically, to my honey. she hunted him down as he was escaping. hunted. him. down. in her car. he was worried about his safety, and i think for good reason. needless to say, it kinda smarted that she slipped and called me Ilene. she was pretty embarrassed about it, and apologized two or three times. hey, at least she felt badly. that's more than some other people have felt. anyway, i'm just saying. my honey gave me a big hug and called me by the right name, and i felt better.

until he called me by the wrong middle name a little bit later.

um........ who is Meredith?

it's been an interesting weekend.

i managed to get rid of many, many books, some for money, some for credit, and some for the tax write-off. it's really nice to have all that clutter gone. and i never thought i'd refer to books as clutter. but really, unless i had a library, there's a certain point where you have to say that you just won't ever read that book again, and free up the shelf space for new books. and now the living room doesn't look as swamped. it's nice to have this done, because it will feel better when i get my tree set up, which i hope to do tomorrow night. we're gonna go for a birthday dinner, just a low key kinda thing at a local jazz place, and then maybe i can get the tree set up with a few lights, and some tinsel (the thread-y icicle kind) and the ornaments the cats haven't broken yet. i'm still a bit bummed that they did in a china cardinal i had gotten. but hey... did i expect any less of my cats? if there's mayhem to be made, they're there for the job.

tonight has been a little crazy, from getting home late after running errands, to much insanity with computers, to moving furniture and tossing out tons of trash, to trying to organize various shtuff, to sorting thru a ton of laundry (who knew he had more clothes than me?). J has decided that stripping all the old wallpaper off the staircase is a good project for the evening, and P has been busy hanging a candle chandelier and a few CD racks. all in all, it's been a happenin' place here tonight.

i can't wait to get back to work, so i can relax. (g)

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