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feeling kinda how a girl feels

okay, fine. i screwed up twice. the quote is 'better weird than typical'. see? i did remember what you said! (please, dear god, tell me i got it right this time...) ah, the curse of being an English major... too many words at your disposal.

*huge grin* damn. tonight was wonderful. he and i had nearly all night to just hang out, and talk, and catch up... hee hee. it was great. damn, boy, you rock my world!

we met up after work, and went to one of my fave bars to have dinner. *giggle* i had to laugh when he said he wanted to meet at The Pit. if you know Harvard Square, you know what i mean. it's been, oh, 10, 12 years since someone called it The Pit. you know what? it didn't matter. at all. i was soooo happy to have that much time with him. and we had a great time talking. i'm so ready to go to New Orleans, or Vancouver, or Scotland - i love travelling, as does he. and then we headed over to hear the Ken Clark Organ Trio...

okay, so there was some conversation in the middle. it never ceases to amaze me that there are so many situations that just suck hard - and we've all been there, one way or another. you know what? if you step up to the plate and say 'this is my deal, and i hope you understand' - it's all fine. recognizing that the situation is tough for you, and telling your friends... more power to you , m'boy. because it's tough enough to come to grips with that on your own. and to share that with someone else? damn.

and then. and then we had a few hours to hang out with the band. Ken Clark rocks. he was sweet enough to come over and chat us up. i bought his CD all over again, having given my last copy to someone who might be willing to book the trio in... altho it seems like they might not need that. goddess love their new agent - s/he has gotten them great gigs. (knock on wood) and he was so sweet! he gave me an extra CD. aw, yeah. Ken C is a very cool guy.

the best part of the night? hearing this. 'i can't wait for the nights that start with kisses like this.' i'm still smiling about that one. and not just a little smile. big, damn goofy grin plastered all over my face.

i can't even begin to explain how happy i was to hear that. many long stories, on both sides... and yet. and yet, we've been able to connect. that connection is precious, for many reasons.

i can't wait until that's the start of our nights either.

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