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well, here it goes. tomorrow is the trial date for the assault case. i was a bit of a mess over the weekend, mostly i think because this has gotten under my skin more than i realized. but now that it's down to the wire, i'm just a little apprehensive. not much more.

spoke with the DA this evening, and he found that the defense attorney will most likely want to plead out, if we're willing to break the case down. (i never wanted to learn to talk like a lawyer, just play one on TV.) so if we are willing to drop the 'with a deadly weapon' and just accept two counts of assault and battery, then there's a chance she'll plead guilty. i got really angry about this, and said that she did this thing with malice aforethought. she usually dressed with great attention to being very feminine, but on that day showed up in jeans and combat boots. not to say that that can't be feminine, but... and she chose the boots specifically because she wanted to break my ribs. that's pretty clearly a weapon, if i every heard of one. of course, it comes down to the DA weighing the risks and doing what he can to get some kind of conviction. as i said to him, i'm not dying to testify but will do it, and i want to see her held responsible for the weapons charge. but more than that, i want her to be found guilty. guilty, guilty, guilty, damn it. the bitch deserves to pay for what she chose to do to me by being found guilty in a public forum, and having to carry that damn record around with her.

on an interesting side note, the idiot boy involved in all this managed to get his sorry ass fired last week. yep. well, he'll have plenty of time to show up at court, then, won't he? apparently he called in to work, said he'd be late, then passed out and never showed up. now, there's some debate as to *why* he passed out. could have been overtired. mm hm.

i'm not exactly happy about the prospect of seeing her in the flesh again. i'm just hoping that i don't throw up. dear goddess, please don't let me throw up. i'm hard pressed to find a more humiliating situation than that. eh. but, my best friend will be there to offer support and a buffer zone. she was all set to go do nasty things to the bitch when this happened, so i'm pretty sure she'll be looking out for me tomorrow. 8)

and i feel very badly that shaggy john has gotten dragged into this. he's idiot boy's roommate, and apparently all three roommates (idiot, shaggy, and heather) have been called in to court. which is stupid, really, as only heather and idiot boy could have anything material to contribute to the case. the bitch went back and bragged to idiot boy about what she had done (to intimidate him, too??), and idiot boy and heather are pretty close. so i'm sure she heard all about it. but i don't think shaggy john got any of it, as they know that he and i are friends.

i really have to ask the DA if it's considered libel to publish the details after the case. my guess is, if she's found guilty, that i can say whatever i want about it. and i can finally vent all the nasty details once and for all, just get them out of my head. they've had a home there for far too long, and i'd love to make room for some more interesting stories.

wish me luck, guys. i could use all the good karma you can send my way. 9 am tomorrow, Cambridge district court building. just throw some warm fuzzy thoughts, or at least some stomach calming thoughts, in that direction, and i'll be ever so grateful.

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