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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i was starting to wonder why my knees were bothering me so much. now i don't wonder. you spend two hours on your knees, and see how you feel.

that sounds far kinkier than it is. my knees have been really crankly lately, and i hadn't put two and two together... until last night. i spent about two hours in the aisle down front at the show, which means squatting or kneeling or some variation. and i had to keep stretching while i was there, because my ankle would go numb, or my calfs (calves?) would start to cramp up, or my legs would get so tired that i just sort of tipped backwards down the aisle. today? my legs were in so much pain that it was hard to walk to work. so, i'm thinking that that isn't where i want to be for the next show. hm. perhaps i'll work my fan club spot upstairs. 8)

there were a lot of niceties, tho. the concession guys gave me earplugs when i sprinted out of the squealing (having forgotten mine, i was at their mercy). and jeff spelled me at the end, which was all good because i didn't want to get run over by a screeching horde of baby girls. and the camera woman offered me her Coke when i finished off my water bottle. it's the nice little things like that which make a day.

had a short call from the ex tonight. i was looking for my MFA membership card, and couldn't find it, so i dropped him a note on the off chance that he had it. he wrote back that he'd call to arrange a time we could meet. ugh. when he called, i suggested that he just drop it in the mail. and as i was saying that, the phone cut out. coincidence? you decide. he did call back a little later to say that his phone had died, and what was i saying? so hopefully that will show up in the mail in a few days.

feh... once again, i've double booked myself. i'm supposed to go to a training session next week, and had set things up so i could go on Thursday. guess what? that's when fran's pre-wedding party is. and i already committed to go. eh. yeah, maybe you're right. a clone would come in handy.

and i've promised frenchy that i'd dog sit for him Memorial Day weekend. why? why did i do that? oh, right. he's a friend, and i like his dogs. but man oh man... two greyhounds and me. actually, it should be all fine except for the dog business. you know - the cleaning up after them when you walk them part. i can barely handle my cats. the litter box is all fine, but when one of them hucks a hairball? i'm right down there on the carpet with them. i'm a little worried about that part.

oh, and i lost my bet. we had been talking the other night about ... something, and i made a reference to Mr. Peabody and the Way Back Machine. ken was suprised that i knew that - but doesn't everybody know the Way Back Machine? didn't we all grow up watching Rocky and Bullwinkle? anyway, we got into a discussion about the narrator. i was all proud that i knew it was Edward Everret Norton, who perfected the art of the double take. really. watch him in one of his bit parts, and you'll see what i mean. he swore up and down that it was Charles Conrad. $5 says i'm right - you're on. :sigh: i suppose technically you could say we're both right. ;) but i was thinking of the narrator for Fractured Fairy Tales (EEN). and the bet was on the narrator for the show (CC). so, i'm out $5. but i do have one more little factoid for my store of arcane knowledge. as i said to brian the other day, my brain is sort of a rusty bear trap for useless shit.

for some reason, my allergies are kicking my ass tonight. just started about an hour ago, and now my eyes are all itchy and i can't breathe. what was that? take an allergy pill? they actually help with this stuff? oooohhhhh. huh. well, okay.

man, that just sounds all whiny. and it shouldn't. i had a nice night. took a nap when i got home, made some dinner, and then watched Next Stop Wonderland. i had forgotten what a nice film that is. nice for a lot of reasons - the acting is lovely (Hope Davis speaks volumes with a look, and Alan Gelfant... yum), and it's one of the few films shot here that actually looks like it was. i mean, building look like what they should. of course, Hope's character could never really afford an apartment in that neighborhood, but hey. and it was cool to see people that i know up there. Jeremy and Will have small parts. i've also peripherally met a few more people - just donned on me this time that Steve Sweeney is the cab driver at the end. he did a great spoof on Lord of the Dance last time i saw him. and then when i was watching the movie, i went 'hey, that's... that's Steve!' it sounds all kinds of dopey, as if i count him as a personal friend. i don't; i haven't had the chance to meet him. but it's still a thrill to see people you know locally up on the movie screen. i think i may have to get the soundtrack for the film... lots of lovely Latin jazz.

okay, little allergy pill... anytime you want to kick in is fine. like, now. so i can get some sleep!

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