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assasination - yes or no? the Gin Tank weighs in.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i love my friends. i love that my friends are smart, and funny, and can debate until the cows come home (or the gin runs out, whichever comes first).

one of my buddies does the occasional 'talking head' bit for CNN. and he'll be doing that again tomorrow, courtesy of Ari Fleischer, who apparently (i haven't watched the news lately) said something to the effect of 'sometimes a five cent bullet is a better solution'.

*shakes head* what? i mean, what the fuck?

so J dropped by the local watering hole tonight, and said 'yup. CNN. bright and early. assasination - yes or no?' the four of us got into a rousing debate as to the pros and cons. it was great fun, really, even given the somewhat morbid topic.

we ended up sort of accidentally prepping him for the spot (so he says... i think we all just like hearing ourselves talk), and he says he got a couple of good lines out of it. i mean, there's the whole slippery slope thing, of course. or, as my TV boyfriend says, if they're that cheap, why stop at one bullet? (i swear... jon is the only thing keeping me sane about the world these days. if he didn't make me laugh, i'd cry every damn time i turned on the TV.)

then, of course, there's the idea that you don't actually win anything by knocking off the head nut job. either there's another one right behind him, or you glorify the nut job by turning them into a martyr, or both. this last provided some interesting fodder, as we went down the whole JFK/RFK/MLK route. that is most certainly *not* to say that any of them were nut jobs. that wasn't the point at all. but because each of them was assasinated, it solidified our perception of them, one way or the other. hrm. we were all a lot more articulate about this a while ago, i promise. ;)

anyway, we've sort of dubbed ourselves the Gin Tank, in a twisted homage. and with any luck, i'll be able to get up bleedingly early tomorrow, and lie on the couch, one eyelid propped open, hoping that J can boil it all down to an articulate two and a half minutes (i know he will), and maybe hear a shout out to the Gin Tank. :)

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